I just published another Bugfix release with the Version number


  • It fixes a major bug for users of Powerpoint 2007 that caused Powerpoint to crash, if the Computer was not connected to the Internet during Powerpoint start. (Thanks to Andreas Kilian for reporting this bug)

All users are highly recommended to upgrade to With the release of this version, support for all earlier versions will be dropped. Users with an earlier SongOffice version will not be able to use their SongOffice any longer than Mar 13 2015.

If you like SongOffice, please consider making a donation.


The day before yesterday I published, a fix for the hotfix released on May 4th. The installer was missing some files that are required to run the AddIn. There are no binary changes in the AddIn itself.

Thanks go to Tobias, Ulrich and Manfred for reporting the issue, testing the fix and reporting it to be working.

Thanks to all SongOffice users for all the support you have given me so far.

Please find the new version on the Download page, as usual.

Bugfix (Powerpoint crash if SongOffice is installed)

I just released a bugfix release which is available for you to download immediately.

It fixes a issue that causes Powerpoint to crash if SongOffice is installed and active. The In order to make sure the computer time is correct, SongOffice queries timeapi.org for the current time and compares it to the computer time. This is neccessary, since SongSelect requires a valid timestamp on text retrieval requests. Unfortunately, it seems that timeapi.org is blocking calls from SongOffice since a few weeks. I have not been able to talk to the people running timeapi.org, but I will let you know if I find out what the problem is.

The version released just now simply doesn’t do the check. I will investigate in other options to make sure the computer time is correct and provide a fix in the near future. For now, I suggest all users to update to

Thanks to Tobias, Ulrich, Gary, Robert and Manfred for reporting this problem.

Version 0.27.4 beta: Codename “Reliable Ranger”

I have published a new version 0.27.4 for you to download.

Its only change is a new installer.

The old installer (made with a Microsoft tool) did not work reliably and many people needed to manually download dependency packages from the Microsoft website and install them in order to make SongOffice work.

Thats why I have created a new installer (using NSIS). It looks a little old-school but downloads the dependencies very well and is a lot better scriptable. Also, the new installer contains the Version number of the AddIn, so it will be easier to spot the right version for you.

I hope you enjoy!

— Addendum:

On Feb 25th 2014 I published a minor fix, that only made a change in the Installer. If the VSTO had not been installed before, the first run of the installer, they would install but then abort the install process. This minor release fixes this problem. If you had problems before, try downloading again.

There is a known problem (since the first release) in the rare case that your computer user is not Administrator or cannot elevate to admin rights. In that case, users switch to a different user to install SongOffice. Only the user installing SongOffice will currently have SongOffice in his Powerpoint showing up. I am working on a fix for this, but this makes the installer even more complex. If you are affected by this issue, please download the [download id=734]. This ZIP includes a reg which you should run with your normal user. This fix unfortunately only works on 64 bit machines. If the need arises to release another fix in the meantime, I will look into it; but I do hope to be able to publish a final fix for this in April – but I need to test the solution thoroughly before releasing it, because it makes a huge difference.